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Sustainable Travel Tips

Global Gathering is our time to celebrate on the world stage – it’s also our time to show the world we care about our people, our destinations and our communities.

Our vision is to preserve and enrich a world worth seeing. Here's what it means at Global Gathering 2024:

  • Reduce single-use plastic
  • Reduce food waste
  • Reduce water waste
  • Support local business & communities
  • Compensating for our global emissions

Here’s a few handy tips you can put in place to make your GG24 adventure more sustainable:

  • Ditch disposables: Invest in a reusable water bottle, coffee mug, cutlery set, and shopping bags. You'll save money and avoid single-use plastics that pollute our planet.
  • Explore like a local: Choose trains, buses, or bicycles whenever possible. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you'll also experience the destination like a true local.
  • The power of "no" is in your hands: Opt-out of daily towel and linen changes. Hotels often launder these even if they haven't been used, wasting water and energy.
  • Embrace the fresh air! Open windows for natural ventilation whenever possible instead of relying solely on air conditioning.
  • Respect the environment: Always follow designated trails in natural areas, minimize waste, and dispose of trash properly.
  • Support local businesses: Opt for locally-owned restaurants and shops that source their products from the region. This injects money back into the community and reduces your food miles.
  • Be mindful of wildlife: Choose responsible animal experiences that prioritize animal welfare and conservation efforts.

Remember, every small step counts! By making sustainable choices throughout your GG24 travels, you can explore Lisbon with a lighter footprint and a bigger heart.