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GG24 Hotels: Sustainability Initiatives

In just a few weeks we’ll be taking over Lisbon, with seven hotels turning it on for GG24!

Lisbon has a global reputation for combating climate change, and you’ll see this in play at your GG24 Hotel.

Here’s just a few sustainability initiatives some of our hotels have in play:

  • Removal of plastic straws
  • Upgrades in technology to reduce electricity consumption
  • Bulked amenities to remove single-use plastic toiletries
  • Replacing all lightbulbs with LED substitutes
  • Alignment with the Portuguese Charter for Diversity
  • Working with local charities such as; Cerci and Aldias SOS
  • Removal or reduction of registration cards and restaurant menus
  • Incentive programs for guests to re-use towels, skip cleaning days and reduce power consumption
  • IGH Green Engage System: Online environmental sustainability system that enables hotels to measure and manage their environmental impact.

Here’s a few tips you can put in place to help Lisbon’s climate change goals:

  • Turn off your lights and air-conditioning when leaving your room for the day
  • Re-use your towels
  • Skip the daily room clean
  • Reduce your waste